Ryuuji Clan
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(竜司族, Ryuuji Family )

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Clan Data

Kekkei Genkai


Known Members

Tatsuya Ryuuji

Harumi Ryuuji

Gou Ryuuji

Yuudai Ryuuji

Cheiko Ryuuji

Shiori Ryuuj

Joshin Ryuuji 

Kiyomi Ryuuji

Nikkai Ryuuji  

Misa Ryuuji

Jirou Ryuuji


Extra Hands

The Ryuuji Clan (竜司族, Ryuuji Ichizoku) is a wealthy clan that formed and originates from Sunagakure. Every member in the clan possess a Kekkei Genkai, which is a dojutsu known as Shinshihaigan (心支配丸). This form of dojutsu allows the user to look into another’s mind and thoughts and is able to control the victim’s body from within. The clan is known for this dojutsu, along with their sensory abilities, and vast political prowess within their village. The clan members are easily identified by their bright dark blue-to-white eyes and clan symbols on their clothing. Edit

Background Edit



The TrialsEdit

Political EndeavoursEdit

As the Ryuuji is one of the original Clans set up during the founding of Sunagakure, it has weathered many of the villages storms and been at it's defense in all manners of trouble. They hold a great deal of weight in the village, being an influential and wealthy clan. The Ryuuji use said prowess to put weight behind their decisions. Politically, they view the village as an extension of their clan. As such no one would dare question their loyalty after all their decades of service. They make great financial contributions to the Village and it has earned them many political perks.

  • --- With quick wits and great oratorical prowess, the members of the Shuhou Clan make great political leaders and speakers. 
  • --- They are generally well liked and well respected, if not slightly feared by the citizens for their battle loving personalities. 
  • --- Due to how ingrained the Shuhou Clan is in Suna's political culture, they get the privilege of knowing most all of the villages moves, alliances, and planned meetings with other Villages, often sitting in on or voicing opinions on topics of interest. 
  • --- They are one of the three clan who get a vote on laws and procedural amendments. 
  • --- The Shuhou Clan leader is the head of the Circle of Representatives, a branch of government designed to allow the voice of each Clan to be heard in times of policy change or when declaring war.
  • --- They have more political pardons than any other clan in the village. Meaning they can pardon others as well as pardon their own. This is checked by the Kazekage and can be repealed. 
  • --- All Shuhou are immersed in this political environment from a young age, they also make great historians and are quick to coming up with a compromise -when it suits them of course.
  • --- The Wind Daimyo often selects bodyguards from the Shuhou House. 


They are revered as tactical masterminds and logical thinkers, which make them skillful opponents. They have proven themselves to be brave, if not a bit crazy, for they take on challenges others would not.

Sensory TechniquesEdit


The Shuhou Clan focuses their talents on Chakra Flow. Either the chakra is molded barehanded or it is piped through some external device (sword hilt, string less bow, ect). They rely heavily on weaponry in battle and like to take opponents tools as trophies.

Chakra ProwessEdit

Trivia Edit

  • Prior to settling on Sunagakure, they resided in an underground tunnel system in the desert.
  • A staple of practice for the Shuhou Clan are strategy games, which help focus the mind and teach tactical skills, as well as the art of loosing gracefully. Games such as Go and Shogi are go to's, board games which allow for manipulation of information are also well loved.
  • The clan has various places affiliated with them:
    • ​A tea shop that is famous throughout the village.
    • Several shrines which are the entrances to the Kami no Kado.
    • A sanctuary in Yume-Hoshi.

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